"ISCO Foundation was born of an idea, and a need, to do something to help children find a way to break out of a cycle of poverty which, through no fault of their own, limits their ability to achieve their full potential. Fortunately, after the financial crisis in 1999, we were in a position to take the first, concrete steps to do something useful; something which, after fifteen years of activity, has certainly worked, especially thanks to our partnership with local government and the Ministry of Education. As an organization with no religious affiliation, for us, what is important is giving these children the chance and opportunity to become who they dream of being. We do this in partnership not only with government agencies, but also with other community programs and initiatives, which can be faith-based. We are happy to partner with any organization that is focused on helping the children of Indonesia, especially those of the shanty-towns. Our motivation comes from what we see every day - bright, happy, vivacious children who have the talent and the potential to do anything and everything.

Thank you for helping them."

Josef Fuchs, Vice President and Founder

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