Activity Center

Activity Center or Sanggar is place for gathering ISCO's children. With Kaka Tutor and friends, they learns, plays, paints,dancing, eat togethers and many other activities. These are ISCO's Sanggar:


  • Located alongside Banjir Kanal Timur Cipinang (Cipinang East Flood Channel), this is ISCO's oldest Activity Centre. 
Founded in 1999, it is proud of its three Senior Secondary School graduates who were supported from kindergarten until 
Senior Secondary School by ISCO. The parents' occupation in this area is quite extraordinary as they primarily search and collect 
everything out of the rivers, like already used nails, iron or metal.
    Cipinang Selatan
  • The Activity Center is very close to Prumpung public cemetary. However, nobody is afraid of this cemetery; on the contrary, 
it is used as a leisure and play area for the kids and surrounding communities. 
The houses of several ISCO children lie besides the river which is prone to landslide and full of garbage. The houses have been evicted 
several times; however, CBU Activity Center still exists to protect the children in Prumpung and Gembrong area.
    Cipinang Utara
  • About 50 meters from Ciliwung riverbanks lay Manggarai Activity Center, one of the best Activity Centers and the 
whole pride of ISCO. Children attendance and graduation from this Activity Center is always above the average. In 2014, 
three children from Manggarai Activity Center succeeded to enter public universities and 7 children were accepted to work in 
various places and jobs. In the rainy season, the Activity Center is often flooded and the children have to move to a higher place. 
If the tutor and brother Po need to go to the Activity Center at Tanah Rendah, Manggarai, they have to adventurously ride on raft, 
but they only pay Rp. 1,000.
  • Surrounded by three luxurious apartments and three well known private universities, ISCO's GEGE children rank the best in 
the National Examination Grade ranking in Jakarta. Here, ISCO children have to compete with children from the upper class to grab seats at 
the favourite schools and fortunately it does not discourage the spirit of ISCO children to achieve their best academically. 
Due to lower land contour and environment in Gege, the children's homes are often flooded, and during the dry season the houses 
occasionally catch fire.
  • Whilst the activity centre facilities in this location are quite basic, the children have extraordinary personalities 
and skills. The local governor rebuilt the nearby Pluit reservoir which enable ISCO children to play in the beautiful park.
  • Despite a less than eloquent name, (smell of urine) the Activity Centre in this location is clean and pleasant. 
Located next to large homes and high rise buildings, people refer to this location as prime real estate. Unfortunately in the rainy season, 
it can flood due to the water system from the nearby river. Despite flooding, ISCO children safely evacuate and still go to school. 
Never discouraged!
  • It is easy to reach this center, just take a train and step off at Depok Baru station, or if you ride your own vehicle, 
the landmark is ITC Carrefour or Depok terminal. This area is called Boncel District Area, not because the houses are big and beautiful, 
but because all houses are made from bamboo. We also have a small lake. Across the lake is the place where the children sponsored by 
ISCO go to school everyday. To get there, they have to ride the raft and pay Rp. 1,000. Thank you, Mr. Raft driver, for taking our kids 
safe to school everyday.
    Lio Depok
  • Underneath the homes of the families in this area are government gas and oil pipelines. As a result, the families in 
Semper have to be extra careful about fire safety. As all primary school buildings are currently under renovation, the children have 
to study at schools further away from their area. To manage this situation, ISCO and the children's parents agreed to rent a small car 
for those whose schools are far away. There is also a major and dangerous road that has to be crossed to get to school so road safety 
precautions are also a strong focus for the children in Semper.
  • Originally, this village was a swamp area. All real estate from Kelapa Gading and the surrounding areas dispose 
flood water to this area. Until today, some houses are still located above the swamp. Most of the people who live here are collecting metal 
scrap. In this area, there are still many houses built from wood with triplex walls. The connecting road between houses is still 
made of bamboo. 
So, if you want to cross the street you have to be extra careful.
    Kampung Mangga
  • Pademangan is right across from the well known Ancol and the children of ISCO are invited to play for free at 
Ancol beach every Jakarta anniversary. Parents in this community mostly work as pedicab drivers, motorcycle taxi drivers, coolie and 
dumpling sellers. Pademangan has the highest amount of children of all Activity Centers in the Jakarta area, 181 children in total. 
One of these ISCO children is about to complete their third year of university in Engineering.
  • At the end of Rawa Buaya Terminal lies Kosambi's Activity Center. The children of all ages in this community enjoy 
socialising and playing together. A nearby field provides a great venue for outdoor ativities forthe children. The girls enjoy playing 
hula hoop and the boys are competitive at chess. Together they put on some great performances.
  • The rural atmosphere is pronounced in Semanan with many rice fileds and farms surrounding the area and activity centre. 
This brings a strong love for healthy produce, particularly vegetables. Almost all children live alongside the railroad and enjoy being 
active by cycling and dancing. With a small number of children here, a strong sense of community is noticable.
  • At Kalibaru, the sea serves as a backdrop to the children's homes. With such proximity, the children are great 
swimmers and know how to seperate clams and mussels. In fact, the abundance of clamshells has led the road to be made of clamshells. 
Every eastern monsoon, parents in this area go out to sea and catch fish, selling directly to the market or making dried salted fish. 
Unfortunately the western monsoon forces parents to work odd jobs because the ocean and waves are too dangerous – even hitting the walls 
of the homes.
  • There are many shopping centres in this area such as Tanah Abang Market, Thamrin City and Pasar Kambing, and it is not 
far from the Hotel Indonesia. Most of the Kebon Melati people work as shopkeepers and porters in Tanah Abang Market. While others work as 
housemaids, motorcycle taxi drivers, beggars, singers and scavengers. ISCO's Children Activity Center is located in the center of this 
economic activity. This is an areawhich mostly comprises small rent rooms –even the Activity Center is only 2 x 2 meter wide. 
Although the Activity Center is small, a wide sense of opporunity exists amongst the children where they study, eat, play and use 
the computer each day.
    Kebon Melati
  • At Mangga Dua, the ISCO Activity Center and the children's homes lie not far from Kota-Tanjung Priok railroad. 
Because this area is surrounded by many malls and famous shopping centres suc as Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua, the children like to work on the 
streets in activities such as renting the umbrella during rainy season.
    Mangga Dua
  • As the youngest Activity Center in Jakarta, some of the children are about to complete their elementary education.
The boys love to play soccer, while the girls love to watch them play and become their supporter.Unfortunately this area is yet to have 
an upgraded water supply so the communities continue to use well water.  The entrance to the street to Kebon Jahe Activity Centre is very 
narrow, but containers and big trucks never stop passing by. ISCO children prefer to walk to school rather than taking the public 
transportation, because of the traffic jams.
    Kebon Jahe


  • In Genteng, ISCO's activity centre is located at Gembong street in central Surabaya. It is close to ITC and city station, 
so it is accompained by the sound of passing trains every day. In the middle of the center, there is a small garden with a star fruit tree. 
The fruit tree is not only a highlight for the children because of the star fruit, but is also the home of a chameleon family. 
This has led to a motto from the children 
"No days without harvesting the star fruit, and if one day there is no star fruit we catch the chameleon". 
Sometimes the children play with the chameleons and harvest the star fruit with salt and chilli.
  • Pabean activity center is just 1 km away from Tanjung Perak Harbor Surabaya and Indonesia's naval base for the Eastern Area. 
This center is also 300m from the train station called Kalimas. In the area around the harbor there are a variation of ethnic groups 
because besides Javanese, also Bugis and Madura live there. Due to the proximity to the port there are warehouses dominated by shipping 
companies. The distance from the children's house to the school is quite far but the children have created their own shortcut which involves 
climbing a wall each day.
  • Our activity center is situated in Gading village (Kelurahan Gading), a village with the highest population in Surabaya.. 
You can see it from the density of the houses; even the cemetery is used as a ground for houses. Some of the children's houses 
lie on the banks of a small river that divides the Gading area in the middle. But our activity center has also advantages.
Do you want to know where WR Supratman, the songwriter of Indonesia Raya (National Anthem of Indonesia), is buried? 
It is only a 10 minutes' walk from ISCO Gading activity center. Gading activity center is also nearby the Suramadu Bridge 
and Ria Kenjeran beach, which is the only tourist beach in Surabaya. Come and visit us.
  • This activity center is located near the Kremil red-light district, one of the legendary red-light 
districts in Surabaya. In mid-2014, this area was formally closed by Surabaya's city government. Despite its close location to 
the brothel area, it is also not far from Boezem Morokrembangan, the biggest reservoir in Surabaya, just across the Naval Academy. 
Because of the lack of a public primary school in the area the children have to attend a school in a neighbouring area. 
Uniquely, the fastest access to reach the neighborhood village is to cross a small river using a bamboo raft. 
The raft as a transportation method is also used by the community if they want to visit the market or Puskesmas (Public Health Center). 
Unfortunately, during the rainy season when its flooded, the bamboo raft is not in operation and the children have to take the long way over 
the main road to go to school and back home.
    Moro Krembangan
  • The majority of the population in Ujung is Madurese people who have their own Madura language. As such, 
ISCO uses translators to assist in the overall running of the children's activity centre. Since ISCO's activity centre is 
very close to the market, the children who are on their way to the centre often have to jostle through the crowds of people 
that go to the market and are often surrounded by the garbage produced from the market.
  • The ISCO activity centre in Sidodadi is located in a village near Kapasan market. 
The center is in the village meeting hall which is also used as storage for the sound system of the village. 
The meeting hall has a zinc roof, which makes it very hot and humid. It is sometimes hard to work and study in there, 
especially in the dry season. 
The Project Officer of Sidodadi, Po, is seeking out a better venue for the children's activity centre.
  • Currently the newest activity centre location, the oldest children supported by ISCO are completing 4th grade 
elementary school. This centre has to share the premises of the assembly hall of the village with the kindergarten and 
PAUD (preschool activity). As such ISCO operates there only four days a week and the remaining two days, one of the Asemrowos employee 
provide ISCO a room in her house. This area is prone to flooding because of a bad sewerage system. Every time the rain is heavy, 
the road in the village floods up to knee level and many homes are flooded as well. 
When the heavy rain continues for a longer period, the whole area can be completely under water for two or three days.
    Asem Rowo
  • East Perak activity center is located in Jalan Tambak Gringsing Surabaya, close to the Sampoerna Museum. Although it is close to the museum, unfortunately our sponsored children never go to the museum because they are under 17. Even so, our sponsored children can still travel to historical places in Surabaya with the Sampoerna Heritage Bus for free. They are so happy!
Nothing is exciting for us than seeing a happy smile on our sponsored children's faces.
    Perak Timur


  • 10 minutes away from Polonia airport in North Sumatra is one another ISCO activity centre. 
It is located in Starban area, borded by the river, which is not well known among the people, even though it is close to the airport. 
Parents' occupations vary from housemaid, pedicab driver, scavenger to sex worker. The environment greatly affects 
the youthand so the ISCO tutor and project officer try to foster more positive relationships amongst the children.
  • ISCO's activity centre in Belawan is alongside the sea front where the passenger ship arrives and is close to 
the industrial area. The area is often flooded by water, which then reaches up to the knees. The majority of the parents work as 
fisherman, especially for catching Selayang and Tuna fish. Unfortunately the community environment is struggling with safety due 
to clashes amongst youth who reside in different allies. 
As such, parents have to escort their children around the community and to the Activity Centre.
  • This community that is supported by ISCO is directly on the railroad crossing in the area of Medan-Belawan. 
The community members built houses next to the railroad and after some time it became a village. ISCO Kurnia Activity Center 
is located in the center of the village. Unfortunately, after heavy raining this village routinely floods. 
The majority of the parents work as fishermen, producers 
of salted fish and sellers of sea cucumber, fish or shell fish. The children here are full of enthusiasm and energy.
    Kampung Kurnia
  • Bagan Deli is located in the cargo ship harbour area. 
As far as the eyes can see, many logistic companies with their cargo containers are in this area. 
This area was once a swamp but it was converted into an urban area. It is also an area that is very susceptible to flooding. 
Most of the inhabitants are traditional fishermen. 
ISCO's Activity Center was opened here in 2008 and all children are still in elementary school.
    Bagan Deli