Success Story

These are some of the success stories from the field. Please click on the images below to read more about our children's plans and dreams.

  • Becoming a teacher is one of the favorite dreams of ISCO's children. Currently, there are  4 ISCO's 
children studying to become teachers at the state university of Jakarta. These aspiring teachers are majoring in subjects such as; 
geography, sociology, early childhood education and business administration. 
Some of them have been doingon the job training,  in schools for three months. " 
In the begginning, its nerve wrecking but it helps us to gain practical experience" says Adi Ciputra, 
who is doing  on the job training in state junior high school, SMPN 3 Jakarta. I hope I will become a good teacher one day.
  • Hi! My name is Benny, and I am a graduate from ISCO Manggarai and am getting ready to go to university! 
I have been sponsored by ISCO from Kindergarten until now. I am interested in Agriculture and will major in Agrotechnology 
with the University Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Serang Banten. Without ISCO, I would not be able to pursue my dreams, because 
the economic crisis caused a lot of problems including for my family not being able to afford me to go to school. 
For example, my mother was a beverage seller but now my mother does not work and unfortunately my father became sick, 
so he cannot work as usual. My father only graduated from elementary school and my mother only graduated from junior high school. 
I hope to become a great person and continue to make my parents proud. ISCO really helped me a lot. I hope ISCO can help more children 
because the daily condition of Indonesian's welfare is very sad.
    I Wish To Make my Parents Proud...
  • Hi! My name is Fajar. I am a graduate from ISCO Center Manggarai Manyar. I have been sponsored by ISCO for 12 years, 
since Kindergarten. I feel like ISCO has given me everything. They have really helped me with school fees, uniforms, nutrition, 
as well as the financial support for my family. ISCO has also given me moral support. Over the years, I have become really close 
with my tutor, Kak Lingga who I can discuss anything with. ISCO continues to encourage me to study hard so I can reach my goals. 
It took me four attempts until I was successful in being accepted into University Untirta to study Mathematics. 
I felt a strong feeling of justice! As a university student I intend to study hard and participate in co-curricular activities 
to sharpen my potential talents. My next goal is to get a proper job and a proper salary after I graduate from University so 
I can support my family. I believe that the key to my success was a combination of self-motivation and self-belief, support from my parents 
and encouragement from ISCO and my ISCO tutor. I wish for all ISCO children to keep up a good spirit, study hard, and be smart in 
choosing who your friends are, because a good friend will give you the positive impact on your life.
    I Dream of Justice!
  • My name is Veronika. I have been sponsored by ISCO Foundation since kindergarten and I have just completed my high school 
education. This was only possible with the financial support of ISCO, who covered all the school fees, including uniforms and text books. 
My father is only a pedicab rider (tukang becak) and my mother is a housewife, so it was hard for my family to pay for school and for all 
my needs. 
Luckily, because I had a good report from my high school, I was able to give a presentation to the University of Diponegoro so 
I get accepted through the invitation method, which means no selection test, and it's also free! I will major in Biology. 
Unfortunately, my University will be far away from all my family and friends. After my studies, I want to become a bio-medical researcher 
and to find cures for diseases. I am especially interested in finding a cure for skin allergies because of my personal condition.
    A Dream to Find a Cure...
  • Hi, my name is Tika. II have been sponsored by ISCO for the last 12 years since Kindergarten and attend ISCO center in Manggarai 
Kapuk. One of my dreams is to teach yet I also want to learn about the biology and anatomy of fish so that 
I can get a job with the Department of Fisheries. That's why I will be going to the Untirta University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa 
to Major in Fisheries and Marine Science. To achieve my dream, ISCO has supported me substantially. At the Sanggar they give me food, 
nutrition, experience and money to take the bus to and from school. Without this money, I would not have been able to get to school. 
Also my family, they are my everything, my life and my heart. It is because of them that I am able to do so many things. I live with 
my grandma and every morning she wakes me up for school. With my family's moral support, I try really hard and I learn a lot and will 
not give up on my dreams. To all the ISCO children, never give up, make your parents proud of you and be a hero for your family.
    Future Fish Wish...
  • We are proud to announce ISCO's first scholar has arrived!
Meet Adi Ciputra, who was a part of ISCO's first children in 1999. 17 years of commitment and overcoming challenges has yielded ISCO's first university graduate of Indonesia. Adi was supported from kindergarten, through elementary school, junior school, high school until he graduated with a Bachelor degree in education. 
Adi Ciputra is from ISCO Manggarai and he officially graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Social Studies at the State University of Jakarta on Monday, September 5, 2016. Known as a tenacious and patient child that was never short of smiles, Adi had a dream to become a better person. 
In 6th Grade, Adi's father died and his mother became the backbone of the family financing Adi, his little brother and older sister. To help his mother, Adi worked part-time as a teacher honoree whilst studying. Through many struggles, Adi graduated from university four years later. 
We are so proud of Adi and congratulate his success and graduation! Thanks to all the tutors and project officers who helped and taught Adi. Hopefully we can bring forth many others like Adi into the world.
    ISCO's first scholar!