"I volunteered for three months in ISCO, from Monday until Thursday in the Children Activity Centers of Gege (Kebon Jeruk) and Kebon Melati, in Jakarta. On Fridays I worked in the office in Slipi Jaya. Normally I changed fields each week between Gege and Kebon Melati.

While I was working for ISCO I taught and learnt a lot, had an amazing time and met inspiring people of all ages. I love the habits and attitude of how all generations here live their lives, especially the youngest with an amazing eagerness to learn and an unbelievable lust for life. I recommend this experience and chance to help for everyone."

(Jan Koenigshausen, Germany)

Volunteering with ISCO is a rewarding experience. Immersing myself in Indonesian life and culture, I have learnt much about the lifestyle and challenges of marginalised children in Indonesia. I spend most of my days in the head office, contributing to the development of monitoring and evaluation procedures of ISCO's programs alongside positive and passionate local staff.

On occasions I visit the urban-slum areas and meet the children and families ISCO supports. The people you meet here have the brightest of smiles and reinforce my gratitude and humbleness for such an opportunity. I highly recommend such a volunteering opportunity where you can offer support with your skills and knowledge whilst reciprocally gaining much knowledge and experience of a different culture.

(Tamara Sutton, Australia)

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