Our Programs

"Equal chance to every child for education, development, dignity and hope for the future"

Our approach is to provide Indonesia's vulnerable children with educational support, learning and activity centres, health, nutrition and protection for their growth and development.

ISCO's programs aim to:

  • Prevent Indonesia's marginalize children from becoming street children and child labours
  • Provide support and access for these children to obtain a better education and the benefits that education brings to them and their families

1. Children Educational Support

This program aims to minimise and eliminate the financial barriers that prevent children from achieving educational outcomes. ISCO provides school fees, uniforms, transport and textbooks so that children have an equal access to education. ISCO supports children from pre-school to university where possible.

2. Children Activity Centres

Children Activity Centres provide a safe and attractive venue for children activities before and after school, providing an alternative and deterrance to working and playing on the street. Activities in these centres promote positive interactions, creativity and learning outside of the classroom.

3. Children Health and Nutrition

ISCO aims to optimise children's health and physical development to maximize their school attendance, performance and overall development.

Children health and nutrition program is conducted through the Children Activity Centres. It is here where ISCO provides a comprehensive healthy menu with food supplements, vitamins and milk to children each week to maximize their health, development and immune systems. ISCO also educates children in healthy practices such as healthy eating patterns, hygiene practices etc. ISCO is also expanding in some areas to work with local Puskesmas (Local Government Health Service) to conduct general check-up and dental check-up for the children.

4. Children Protection and Rights Advocacy

ISCO works in accordance with the UN convention on the Rights of The Child (UNCRC) and promotes safe environment for children through various interventions.

ISCO's activity centres also provide temporary shelter and safe housing for children in emergency situations.

ISCO liaises with school authorities to promote policies and procedures which are in favour of vulnerable children such as equal access for all, anti discrimination and bullying.

ISCO works together with other NGOs focussing on child birth certification, child welfare, child labour and trafficking issues.

5. Children Preschool Activities

Kindergarten facilities for marginal preschool kids often has inadequate facilities or sometimes preschool doesn't exist in slum areas. This motivated ISCO to establish kindergarten programs run by ISCO itself to give marginal kids opportunities to reap the benefits of early educationand equal access into primary school.

The preschool program combines learning and playing methods for children in both theory and practice. The program aims for long term education awareness beginning from preschool age amongst parents and communities to foster education as a value and to prevent children working on the street.