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With more than 76 million children, Indonesia has the fourth largest child population in the world. Whilst the Indonesian government, local NGOs and international organizations run programs to support children in Indonesia, widespread poverty, political instability and regional differences creates challenges for vulnerable children's development.

As such, the quality of life of children in Indonesia varies, some children do not have equal access to education and may live or work on the street.

ISCO Foundation (known as Yayasan ISCO in Indonesian) is a non-government organization, whose particular focus is enabling children who live in poverty to receive an education and achieve their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens of Indonesia.

ISCO started its programs in 1999 by sponsoring 50 children in two areas of Jakarta. Today ISCO sponsors over 2000 children across 30 areas of Indonesia - 18 in Greater Jakarta, 8 in Surabaya and 4 in Medan. Most children aged between 5-17 years and live in slum-urban areas.